ScaleTrains SXT38619 Rivet Counter N Scale EMD SD40-3 CSX YN3 Scheme #4002 DCC/Sound

ScaleTrains N SXT38619

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The Rivet Counter series SD40-2 is the definitive N Scale model of EMD’s best-selling diesel locomotive. Our model combines smooth operating performance with unparalleled railroad, road number, and era specific™ details. Even though the first SD40-2s were first built nearly half a century ago, many continue to operate in revenue service today.

Road Number Specific ScaleTrains

  • All-new model
  • Era: 2011 to Present
  • CSXT Series 4010-4039; rebuilt into SD40-3s in 2011
  • CSXT Series 4040-4049, rebuilt into SD40-3s in 2013
  • Road number 4013 rebuilt from Family Lines/ L&N SD40-2 8105
  • Road number 4026 rebuilt from Family Lines/ L&N SD40-2 8124
  • Road number 4047 rebuilt from Family Lines/ L&N SD40-2 8034
  • Road number 4044 rebuilt from Family Lines/ L&N SD40-2 8079
  • Road number 4048 rebuilt from Family Lines/ L&N SD40-2 8085
  • CSX designed anticlimbers
  • NRE-built replacement low short hood, cab, and sub-base
  • Fully-assembled
  • Multiple road numbers
  • Operating front and rear deck mounted alternating LED ditch lights*
  • Printed and LED-illuminated number boards*
  • CSX/NS-style late pilot plow without multiple unit (MU) hose doors
  • 3-hose multiple unit (MU) hose clusters with silver gladhands
  • Body mounted knuckle couplers; Micro-Trains® compatible
  • Coupler box accepts Micro-Trains 1015/1016 couplers without modification
  • Straight uncoupling levers with loop handles front and rear and four inner and two outer mounting brackets
  • Notched pilot faces with high angled lifting slots
  • Pilot face mounted multiple unit (MU) receptacle
  • Dummy multiple unit (MU) receptacle mounted to pilot face
  • "Tall" stepwells 
  • Handrail set with anticlimber front; inward facing rear end rail mounting brackets and chain
  • Late “fixed” rear drop step
  • Scale sectioned treadplate detail on walkways
  • Rear Rectangle walkway lights mounted between sandbox clean out doors (non-operating)
  • Detailed cab interior with floor, rear wall, seats, and standard AAR control stand
  • Tall mirrors mounted fore of cab side windows on both sides of cab
  • Standard EMD sunshades and long sunshade tracks
  • Lost wax brass cast Nathan AirChime K3LA horn relocated to the long hood roof 
  • Large Sinclair Excalibur “ice skate” antenna (communications), Small thin dome antenna and STI-CO PTC Dual Track Antenna System 
  • Accurate hood door and long hood detail
  • Late welded ECAFB
  • Early inertial air intake grilles without drip rails 
  • Standard turbo exhaust stack
  • Accurately profiled Extended-range dynamic brakes without batten strip
  • Corrugated radiator intake grilles
  • See-through standard 48” radiator fan housings with fan blades visible inside
  • Angled radiator fan grab iron
  • Underbody frame rail with separate plumbing and traction motor cables
  • Detailed HT-C trucks with Timken bearing caps, late center axle snubbers, sanding lines and brackets
  • Short jacking pads (late)
  • Spare knuckle holders on rear pilot face
  • Forward engineer’s side sidesill notch
  • Sill-mount EFCO
  • Frame-mounted electronic bell
  • Prime air filter (can style)
  • 4,000-gallon fuel tank with fuel fillers, vertical gauge, round gauge in tank sides, electronic gauge and vertical breather pipe 
  • Factory-applied wire grab irons, windshield wipers, trainline hoses with silver gladhands, and more
  • Motor with 5-pole skew wound armature
  • Dual flywheels
  • All-wheel drive
  • All-wheel electrical pick-up
  • Directional LED headlights
  • Printing and lettering legible even under magnification
  • Operates on Code 55 and 80 rail
  • Packaging safely stores model
  • Minimum radius: 9 3/4”
  • Recommended radius: 11”
  • DCC & sound equipped locomotives also feature
    • ESU LokSound 5 DCC & Sound decoder with “Full Throttle”
    • One (1) cube-type speaker
    • EMD 16 Cylinder 645E3 prime mover
    • Operates on both DC and DCC layouts
  • DC/DCC & sound ready locomotives also feature
    • Operates on DC layouts
    • DCC ready with E24 connector

* Lighting features operate when using an ESU decoder with appropriate programming while operating using DCC

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