Marklin 43599 17 "Copenhagen Commuter Service" Bi-Level Car Set

Marklin HO 43599

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RAILWAY: DSB (Denmark)

COUNTRY: Denmark

ERA: Era 6 (2006 to present)

UPC: 4001883435992


Prototype: One type Bk bi-level car, 2nd class. One type B bi-level car, 2nd class and one type ABs bi-level cab control car, 1st/2nd class. Painted and lettered for the Danish State Railways (DSB). Train destination "København H". The cars look as they did in 2019.

Model: These cars are based on the types DBz 751 and DBbzf 761 bi-level cars. Current-conducting car connections can be installed on all of the cars, either the plug-in 7319 close coupling drawbar or the 72020/72021 operating close couplers. The 73140 lighting kit can be installed in all of the cars. The cab control car has a detailed buffer beam with a separately applied end skirting. The cab control car has a lighted and imprinted train destination sign. The cab has interior details. White triple headlights shine when the train is being pushed by a locomotive (cab control car in the front). When the train is being pulled by a locomotive (cab control car in the rear) dual red marker lights shine. Each car is individually packaged.
Total length over the buffers approximately 81 cm / 31-7/8".

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