Marklin 55326 1 Diesel Locomotive, Road Number 320 001-1 MFX Digital Sound

Marklin 1 55326

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ERA: Era 6 (2006 to present)

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As a Powerhouse in Track Building
The spectacular reimport of the V 320 to Germany by the track building firm WIEBE was done in 1999. After extensive restoration and a complete overhaul, it ran on German rails again in construction train service from March of 2000 on, then was soon designated as 320 001-1 (WIEBE 7). There it kept on going until 2015, when wheelset bearing damage ended its use forever. Still, at 16 years in service it spent more time at WIEBE than at all of the other railroads. Since 2017, it has enriched the manufacturing plant in Kassel (presently Bombardier) as a showpiece.

Prototype: Diesel locomotive, road number 320 001-1 (former road number V 320 001 and Henschel DH 4000) of the track building firm Wiebe as it looked in Era VI around 2015. With wind deflectors on the cab windows on both sides, with a small train radio antenna, and without rain gutters above the cab windows.


  • Diesel locomotive with 2 motors.
  • Completely new tooling constructed of metal with separately applied brass parts.
  • Highly detailed model for advanced model railroaders.
  • Motor-driven roof vents with sound, can be turned off.
  • Smoke exhaust at both exhaust stacks.
  • Fully equipped with sound.
  • Built-in adjustable current buffer.
  • Engine room lighting can be controlled.
  • Cab lighting.
  • All axles powered.
  • Digital remote-controlled Telex coupler in the rear, included for the front (prototype coupler mounted at the factory).
  • Prototype couplers included.

Model: This locomotive is completely new tooling. The running gear with the main frame and locomotive body are constructed of metal. The locomotive has many separately applied brass parts and separately applied metal parts such as grab irons, metal signs, windshield wipers, etc. The locomotive has a DCC digital decoder, extensive sound functions such as running sounds that vary with the speed, a locomotive whistle, warning horn, compressed air being released, vent sounds, and much more. The locomotive can be operated with AC, DC, Märklin Digital, and mfx. The locomotive has a built-in buffer capacitor, whose parameters can be adjusted. It also has two high-efficiency motors with drive to all axles and a high level of pulling power. The LED white headlights / red marker lights change over with the direction of travel, will work in conventional operation, and can be controlled digitally. There is white LED lighting in the cabs that changes over with the direction of travel and that can be turned off. All of the vents include sound. They are prototypically driven and can be turned off. There is smoke exhaust from all of the exhaust stacks and it can be controlled electrically. The engine room lighting / corridor lighting can be controlled. The engine room and cab interior details are modelled. The cab doors can be opened, and Cab 1 has a figure of an engineer. The buffer beams have sprung buffers and separately applied brake lines. There is a factory-installed, electrically working Telex coupler at the back of the locomotive. The front has a prototype coupler. Each factory-installed type of coupler can be replaced by the other type, which is included with the locomotive. Gloves are included with the locomotive.
Minimum radius for operation 1,020 mm / 40-3/16".
Length over the buffers 71.9 cm / 28-5/16".
Weight approximately 9.2 kilograms / 20 pounds, 4-1/2 ounces.

ControlUnit MobileStation MobileStation 2 CentralStation 1/2 CentralStation 3/2*
Mobile Station 2**
Headlight(s) * * * * *
Diesel locomotive op. sounds * * * * *
Telex coupler on the rear * * * * *
Horn * * * * *
Marker lights * * * * *
Whistle for switching maneuver * * * *
Engineer's cab lighting * * * *
Sanding * * * *
Direct control * * * *
Sound of squealing brakes off * * *
Interior lighting for the corridor * * *
Letting off Air * * *
Auxiliary diesel * * *
Replenishing fuel * * *
Replenishing fuel * * *
Smoke generator * * *
Special sound function *
Blower motors *
Blower motors *
Whistle for switching maneuver *
Special sound function *
Brake Compressor *
Horn *
Operating sounds *
Switching maneuver *
"Switcher Double ""A"" Light" *
Special sound function *
Special light function *
Doors Closing *
Special light function *
Special sound function *
Telex coupler on the front *

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