Grandt Line Products 5906 No Problem Joe's -- Kit - 7 x 3-5/8" 17.8 x 9.2cm

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According to local legend, "No Problem Joe" was a Mr. Fixit in the town of Aspen, Colorado, who frequently was called in to fix ski lifts during the peak season. Big or small, he'd assure the customer awaiting repairs that the job was "no problem, Joe!" This small house is based on his residence, which is reportedly still standing, although in bad shape.
The HO Scale kit features detailed plastic parts to build the complete house with a front porch and fencing, along with Joe's toolshed and an outhouse. Windows and doors are molded as separate parts (the doors are also molded separately from the frames) to simplify painting and installing "glass." A great start for kitbashing or customizing, the finished model fits in any part of the US in virtually any era.

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