Blair Line 84 Scale House (Laser-Cut Wood Kit) -- 1/2 x 1" 1.3 x 2.5cm

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An essential part of any railroad, scale houses could be found at most yards and near major industries that shipped in bulk, such as mines and grain elevators. Railroads charged by weight, so cars were first weighed as empties, then reweighed after loading.
Based on a Chesapeake & Ohio prototype located at Lynchburg, Virginia, the model is typical of such buildings used by many other roads. It could also serve as a guard shack or storage building at an industrial site, or a chicken coop down on the farm.
The kit features laser-cut board and batten walls, door, floor and sub-roof, along with peel-n-stick trim and roofing. For the interior, a laser-cut scale is also included.

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