Marklin 44452 Marklin Start up - "Container Loading" Car Set

Marklin HO 44452

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Prototype: Krupp-Ardelt type crane car, crane tender car, and a container transport car with end walls, modern paint and lettering.


  • Rugged models - ideally suited for children ages 6 and above.
  • A variety of play possibilities around the theme of container logistics.
  • The crane can be turned and the boom can be raised and lowered. You can wind and unwind the cable.
  • The container can be removed, opened, and loaded.

Model: The crane car has a superstructure that can be rotated, a movable boom, and a hand crane for the crane line. The crane tender car has a boom support. The container transport car is loaded with a 40 ft. container. The container can be removed and can be opened for loading. All of the cars have Relex couplers.
Total length over the buffers 35.8 cm / 14-1/8".

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