Digitrax N DN143K2 Plug N' Play Decoder -- For Kato RDC

Digitrax N DN143K2

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This premium Digitrax N Scale Plug-N'Play decoder is made to fit specific locomotives so you dont have to do any soldering or frame modifications, just a simple replacement of the factory-installed light board. Decoders are rated at 1.0 amp for reliable operation. All have the Digitrax LocoMotionTM System with momentum, simple three-step speed tables, high resolution 28-step speed tables, simplified scaleable speed stabilization, SuperSonicTM, torque compensation, transponding and much more. Decoders are also equipped for full FX3 features with six functions available and more ways to make your lighting realistic. Units may also be adapted to fit other N Scale locos but additional work may be required.

For Kato RDC. 1.0 Amp/1.5 Amp with 4 FX3 functions rated at 1/2 Amp. This is a three-part decoder made specifically for the RDC with the main body installed in the loco frame and two lamp boards for each end of the car. The DN143K2 new lighting effects include an F1-controlled room light. Lighting effects are set up to automatically reverse with white in the forward direction and red in reverse. Inlcudes white LEDs on light boards.

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