Marklin 47807 Type Sggrss 80 Double Container Transport Car

Marklin HO 47807

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ERA: Era 6 (2006 to present)

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Prototype: Type Sggrss 80 6-axle double container transport car with articulation, for combined freight service. Black basic paint scheme. Privately owned car for RailReLease B.V., Rotterdam, Netherlands, registered in the Netherlands. Loaded with two 40-foot box containers. The car looks as it did around 2016.


  • Detailed version constructed mostly of metal.
  • Used in container trains as unit trains in seaport - inland service.
  • Containers can be removed and stacked.

Model: The car has prototypically partially open flat car floors constructed of metal with striking "fish belly" side sills. It also has type Y 25 trucks. Both flat car halves are mounted on the center truck and can pivot. The underside of the flat car floors has separately applied brake lines and air tanks. There are folding walkover plates on the upper side of the flat car floors above the center truck in the area of articulation. The grab irons on the ends of the car and switching hooks are separately applied. The car is loaded with two 40-foot box containers that can be removed. Length over the buffers 30.7 cm / 12-1/16". DC wheelset E700580.

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